Does your teen want to sleep in and miss church? Do they complain & drag their feet?  

We understand, and you are not alone.  Unfortunately, sometimes what we need the most, we turn away from. We understand that as time goes on it gets harder and harder to get your teenager to attend church.  But, we promise, once they get here, they will want to stay.

We give them an environment to be comfortable and socialize with others that face the same issues they do. Let’s face it, in today’s world they face a lot more challenges than we did, or at least different ones.  What is your teenagers relationship and beliefs about God?  Do they understand that God is here to love them regardless of mistakes.  Not only is he here to love them, but also to guide them.

We offer our teenagers an opportunity to grow in their leadership skills, participate in the beauty of volunteering as well as defining their relationship with God and how it affects the world around them today.