Children and Families

Do you ever wonder why Jesus specifically called out, “Let the Children Come”? He didn’t say, one child by name. In an essence, he was speaking to all of us. Helping us all realize that we are all his children and nothing should stand in the way of our relationship with God, no matter where we are in our life.

Faith United Methodist Church believes in nurturing the relationship with God from children all throughout adulthood.  We provide safe care for them while they are infants through toddlers as well as in Sunday School and through plenty of activities as they grow! There are tons of activities all throughout the year for almost every interest out there.  Most extra activities are even free of charge.  All of the activities help children learn how God wants to be part of our lives in every way.  And as we grow, our relationship with God grows as well.

Here at Faith United Methodist Church our children and their safety is of the highest priority. We want you, as a parent, to be comfortable during the service, knowing your child is safely in God’s hand. All of our volunteers that work with children have a background check and go through out additional “Safe Sanctuary” training.

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