Sunday School has gone on break for the summer, and with it we welcome more joyful voices into our sanctuary. I want to take the opportunity to tell parents that these voices are welcome in our

services, and that we embrace all the noises and wiggling that comes with being a kid into our

Sanctuary.  To help with some of the wiggles, I am introducing a new thing I am calling our

“Sanctu-brary” (Sanctuary Library) to provide kids books to read along with the regular worship folders. The sanctu-brary currently has a few books and a series of 10 bible themed graphic novels.

If you are interested in helping stock the sanctu-brary with more books, you can look at the list on my office door, crossing off books that you order. Or you can look up age appropriate Christian themed books and graphic novels to show me to approve.

We know that children are not just the church of the future, they are the church now, and we welcome them into every part of our worship on Sunday. We hope that this is one way that helps them to participate.


(posted June 7, 2023)